Only 1 in 4 homeless teenagers graduates from high school.

1 out of 3 pre-teens and teens is drawn into human trafficking and sexual or labor slavery within 48 hours of becoming homeless.

The Main Place has not allowed Covid-19 to impede our services past our initial shock. Our suspension of operations only lasted twelve days; we have continued to  supply a variety of items to our clients and replicated our services to those affected by the shutdown while broadening our geographic area to even more that are in need due to the ramifications caused by the virus.

Due to the pandemic, we are not able to provide our ultimate shopping experience, so we are asking for our clients’ sizes and pulling items from our inventory which we either take to them, or they or the referring agency pick up - all the while practicing physical distancing, masking and sanitizing. We will resume The Main Place ultimate shopping experience as soon as the department stores open their dressing rooms.


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How COVID-19 has Affected our Services

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