We are good stewards, responsibly planning and managing all of our resources: in-kind donations and services, corporate drives to restock our inventory, donations of clothing from the public, monetary gifting, controlling our utilities, recycling, reusing, and repurposing items.


Skinny Jeans -

      Sizes Toddler 2 to  Adult 4X

Panties  • Boxer Briefs

No-show Socks

Large Shampoo

Large Conditioner

Large Body Lotion

Disposable Razors

       Men’s & Women's

Shaving Cream

Anti-bacterial soap

Adult Net Bath Sponges


Family Size Mouth Wash

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

Paper Towels

Facial Tissue

Bathroom Tissue

Copy Paper - White and Colors

Card Stock - White and Colors

Cash donations are necessary to:

  • help fund program needs
    • sheets, towels, hygiene items, bras, boxers, boots, belts
    • our 10th Annual Gift Distribution Party for IISD Project PASS
  • help with operational expenses
    • rent, utilities, insurance, security
    • replacement of stolen items - tools, scaffolding ladder, 3-way dolly


We are all volunteers so there are no salary expenses.

Your Cash Donations 

Clothing Donations

The Main Place accepts all types of clothing, shoes, purses, belts, and accessories, but we only present those that are lovely—new or like-new—to our clients.   


They most likely have never had lovely before, but we treat them with dignity and give them the best. We do not hold to the reprehensible thought that if they have nothing, they should appreciate someone’s cast offs.


Donated items that do not meet our specifications are shared with other nonprofits.  For the past four years, we have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with LEED certified National Recycling Solutions. Nothing goes to waste. Nothing goes into our landfill – cast offs are reimagined into insulation, a single shoe into artificial turf.


Donation criteria for new and like-new items:

• Clean and pressed

• On hangars or neatly folded in boxes


Donation criteria for all other items:

• Clean and folded in boxes

• Free of dog or cat hair


If your items are not clean or fresh,
you may put them in bags labeled "Need Cleaning."

We do not accept items that smell like

smoke, cat urine, or any other unpleasant odor.


Accepting donations:
Tuesday                       9am - 11pm
Each Wednesday     10am - 1pm
2nd Saturday             9am - 11am


Please call to confirm times before
bringing your donations.  972-252-4082

to Support The Main Place


The Main Place is the charity of choice for the Thrift Giant located on Irving Blvd. @ Nursery. 


Please take any donations  that don't fit the criteria for The Main Place to this location only.


Thrift Giant will accept furniture, household goods, recyclable clothing and rags, shoes, etc.


Your donations to Thrift Giant on Irving Blvd. help pay our rent.  


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